Lyrics by Osprey & Kuwa Jasiri, Melody by Osprey
Copyright 2017 Osprey Huffsmith & Kuwa Jasiri

An anti-oppression jingle, the idea for this song came from Kuwa Jasiri, a person of color who asked Osprey to help write a soundtrack for the moment after an –ism occurs that would:
-directly address the –ism that took place
-deescalate behavior(s)
-check in with marginalized people
-follow up with all involved
....This is what came of their collaboration!

"Stop, drop it, and listen.
You've just created an ism.
Quiet your heart
I will explain to you your part.
Do you need to check in?
Tell me how are you feelin'?
Do you need a good friend
To help you feel safe again?"