Osprey (they/them pronouns) writes quirky and authentic lyrics about pressing issues such as mental health, consent, gender identity, and our relationship with the planet. Their catchy tunes stay in your head for days, but it’s all good because they hint at answers that are relevant to now. At live shows, people often sing along to the contagiously danceable tunes. 

A little background: In 2015, Osprey began sharing their music “a cappella” in and around Eugene, Oregon. Rich Glauber, a local guitar player, was intrigued and offered to help. It seemed an unlikely pair: A queer 30-year-old songwriter and a music man in his 60’s, but through their collaboration, the essence of each song came alive. A year and 15-20 tunes later, they were ready to expand. In Fall 2016 they invited a handful of musicians together to jam in Rich’s living room, and Osprey Flies The Nest was born. 

Osprey is joined by Azalea Bradley (keyboards), Matt Kaplowitz (drums), Brianna Martinelli (guitar), and Garrett Davis (bass), all of whom add to the creative process.

“This new artist takes on some of our thorniest topics: consent and communication in relationships, body concept and self-love, psychiatric drugging, and others; writes intelligent and penetrating lyrics pointing to solutions, and then makes those lyrics absolutely rock.” - Joseph Newton, Eugene, OR

"The music started bursting out of me ten years ago in a sudden, visceral, mental health crisis, during which I slipped into a trance-like state and melodies began coming through. Since then, I’ve channeled this madness into the alchemy of songwriting, which has birthed me into the artist I am today."