HArtSpace Dance Salon

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Vet's Club, 1626 Willammete St., Eugene, OR

Please join us in an Evening of Dance, Live Music, Creativity & Community. Our set begins around 8:00.


5:30 ~ Doors Open. 6:00 ~ Sound meditation with Katie Sontag & Meghan Quinn. 7:00 ~ Movement and Dance invitations and inspirations with Paul Deering. 7:30 on ~ Live Music with Priyo, Osprey Flies the Nest, C. Todd Robbins & Friends 8:00 on ~ Potluck.

ALL EVENING LONG OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPRESSING YOURSELVES •· Dancing! Enjoy the beautiful Vet's Club Ballroom dance floor. • Interactive visual art canvas hosted by Brian Mark Hahn. • Interactive Altar Creation with Tom Clark providing the foundation. • Tea Lounge, hosted by Rachel & Rachelle and populated by you! Feel free to bring your own tea or any other non-alcoholic beverages (we will supply tea, hot water, mugs and a cozy, loungy environment). • share divination cards, passionate & curious interactions and a spirit of adventure. Musicians, Dancers, Visual Artists, Conversationalists, Chess Players (yes we will have chess boards), Creatives and other inspired spirits get to play together ~ cultivating open hearts, curious minds, and expressive bodies! ~~~

PLEASE SUPPORT HARTSPACE $8~20 (1/2 price for students with ID and elders over 60) (Work trades also available, Please send a facebook message to Paul Deering or call/text 503.869.8721) ~~~


SOUND MEDITATION A spacious offering with Katie Sontag & Meghan Quinn. Join in a meditative sound journey of voice, bowls, and gong to connect with your heart and soul. Please drop into your aware and creative selves; together we will create a rich, energetic environment for the evening ahead.

MOVEMENT LAB Movement Invitations & Inspirations: Paul Deering will be guiding movement and dance explorations which will grow out of the sound healing and provide invitations and inspirations for Somatic journey into self, other, community and spirit. Material is drawn from studies in Contact Improvisation and other dance & awareness practices.

Contact Improvisation is a collaborative dance form emphasizing deep listening where points of contact provide the starting points for the creative explorations of movement & stillness, breath & body rhythms, shape & momentum, balance & counterbalance, Gravity (pathways to earth) & Levity (pathways to sky) and finding flow. Sara hosts the weekly Friday contact improvisation jams in Eugene. ~~~


Osprey Flies The Nest is a funky, bluesy folk rock band with roots in song circle culture, newly hatched in Eugene, Oregon. Sultry, catchy, and contagiously danceable, they play originals by genderqueer singer/songwriter Osprey. Penetrating, relevant lyrics make this magnetic Active-ism for Dancers.

Osprey Huffsmith - Vocals Damien Bradley - Keyboards Derek Schroeder - Guitar Bud Chase - Bass JP Bogan - Drums ~

Priyo draws on the musical roots of the flamenco guitar his offerings of traditional gypsy and improvisational music as he interacts joyfully and soulfully with other artists, audiences and dancers. Born in Sicily of opera singer parents, musical virtuoso Priyo has spent his whole life exploring the traditions and frontiers of music. Founder of the bands Gypsy Moon and One at Last, he has been regularly packing the floors of dance clubs in Hawaii, Australia, and all across the West Coast. A master of many instruments, Priyo has the great ability to express the mysticism and depths of the soul and help others experience true freedom and beauty through music. Gypsy Moon on Amazon ~

  1. Todd Robbins & Friends Playful, soulful, live instrumentation, looping and general experiments in raising consciousness through positive vibrations ~

(Stay Tuned for more, This is a monthly event, date, presenters, artists and musicians vary) Blessings, The Convergence event team ~~~ For more info on the Hartspace Project, visit